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19 June 2006

Stick Figures In Peril on Boing Boing

The Stick Figures In Peril Flickr group I created a year and a half ago got boinged today.

Ours is a perilous time, apparently: since the group's inception, members have posted nearly 4,000 photos of "warning signs showing stick figures in dangerous, often life-threatening, situations" (as the group's original description puts it). Here's the awesome photo that started it all:


View the photo on Flickr and you'll see the comment from my brother Jeff that inspired me to name the group as I did. He's a witty one, that Jeff.

Posted by Greg at 08:02 PM
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15 June 2006

Band of Horses

Band of Horses has recorded some wonderful, wonderful rock and roll on Everything All The Time. On first listen, I couldn't get over the obvious comparison to The Shins -- for one, Ben Bridwell's voice sounds an awful lot like James Mercer's -- and, frankly, the similarities between the two bands was reason enough for me to take an almost automatic (though still tentative) liking to them early on. But as I've settled in to this record, that comparison has receeded into the background, and I've realized how great some of these songs really are.

"The Funeral" is one of the best of the songs. It's got this great line, belted out over and over: "At every occasion, I'll be ready for a funeral." Amazingly, this doesn't come across as corny; in fact, it's incredible and powerful and -- I want to be careful to not be corny here myself, but -- almost majestic. Majesty: it's the word the Pitchfork review uses, which puts it better than I can: "Turning despondency into indie majesty is a major talent of Band of Horses; their music is carefully balanced to evoke specific emotional responses while allowing space for personal projection."

Ok, so I think all this talk has gotten a little corny. Just go listen to this great record. And listen closely.

Posted by Greg at 12:09 PM
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14 June 2006

Websites as graphs

Here's visualized by Websites as Graphs:


It's a pretty simple document structure, really. Though not quite as simple as Google's home page, of course.

Posted by Greg at 05:40 PM
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