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27 March 2009

Wikirank: What's popular on Wikipedia

The four of us at Small Batch Inc have launched our first product! It's Wikirank, a tool that shows you what's popular on Wikipedia and lets you compare topics and share your findings with the world. It's already uncovered some interesting stories -- and some surprises. Take this comparison, for example, showing relative interest in the members of the totally awesome Canadian prog rock band, Rush:

What, you expected front-man Geddy Lee to come out on top? Not so! But, really, we all know Neil Peart is the true creative genius of the three. (And, um, I may have just revealed too much about my interest in this band. Moving along...)

Try it out for yourself at Wikirank, and let us know what you think.

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8 December 2008

Google Tasks launches in Gmail

Today, Google launched a to-do list application called Tasks within Gmail. I built the prototype of Tasks while working on the Apps User Experience team at Google, so I'm particularly excited to see this release. Congratulations to the entire team!

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30 April 2008

Glasses cat

My friend Michael Economy, publisher of the always entertaining IDRAWCATS: Retarded Drawings of Cats, has drawn a cat wearing thick rimmed glasses. It looks a little like me, don't you think?

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19 February 2008

And I mean free, and I mean fair

On the news of Fidel Castro's resignation, President Bush called for "free and fair" elections in Cuba:

"The international community should work with the Cuban people to begin to build institutions that are necessary for democracy," he said. "Eventually, this transition ought to lead to free and fair elections -- and I mean free, and I mean fair -- not these kind of staged elections that the Castro brothers try to foist off as true democracy."

I wish I could take him seriously. Yes, of course Cuba should have free and fair elections. But of all the people to be calling for them...

Read more: Fidel Castro Resigns As Cuba's President

Posted by Greg at 09:07 AM
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8 May 2007

Google Analytics redesign lifts off

Yes, the redesign of Google Analytics has launched, and I'm very happy with how it turned out! As Jeff and Ryan and others have already mentioned, getting here was indeed a challenge. But it was the kind of challenge I love, shaped by constraints pushing and pulling from all sorts of fascinating angles -- and, very importantly, faced head on by a tremendous team of talented people. Big thanks to all involved!

If you use Google Analytics, let me know what you think of the redesign. The new version will roll out to all accounts over the next month or so.

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7 March 2007


"Indecision may or may not be my problem."
-Jimmy Buffett

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