Dear Leslie,
I've been home a while now. At first I was disoriented - not from jet lag but from patriotism. The supermarket has a huge flag display and everyone is wearing yellow ribbons. You can buy a Desert Storm tee shirt or sweat shirt or poster or mug. Nothing like this in London. They don't celebrate war.

It was so good to see you again. I was shaking when I climbed the stairs to your apartment. I promised you we would never apart for so long again, even if it was just a month.

It amazes me how much changed in the short time I was gone - how much I learned and how the country has been gripped by this war, or at least the evening updates we get from the networks. I'm glad I was there when it happened, so I could experience it with different eyes and not get caught in it all. I'm sure I could draw a great analogy between the amazing theater I saw in London and the acting I'm witnessing around me now...

But for now, all I can think about is where to go next.