Dear Leslie,
I didn't write yesterday because I'm numb. I've taken in too much. Too much theater, too many monuments, too many sights. Today we went to Windsor Castle. I was just glad to kill some time but it really didn't interest me. I saw another Chekhov play last night; this time "Three Sisters." I really like his style from what I've seen. You can tell the magnitude of the ideas he dealt with in his time. The production values, however, really sucked. I felt like they were simply on the stage reading their scripts. It is becoming obvious to me now that good acting means giving the illusion of not acting at all. All I saw last night were people pretending.

Kev and I have been eating almost every day at a Greek place across the street called Dyonesius. All the waiters are related, I think, and they all come from Turkey and speak broken but understandable English. Our schedule has us eating lunch a little early, so we beat the midday rush and can have relaxed meals with the waiters sitting down with us and talking. Today, we starting talking about Iraq, and one of the young waiters spoke up about how Sadam Hussain was his idol. He was so glad that the Iraqi dictator was giving the Israelis "what for so many decades they have been deserving." I didn't say much, having no perspective on any of this to fall back on. But I have a feeling I wouldn't experience such a conversation back in Michigan.

Tomorrow we see our last play - "Wind in the Willows." And after 14 other trips to the theater, I'm still looking forward to it. I know ... I can't believe it either.