Dear Leslie,
I went to mass at St. Paul's Cathedral this morning - first time in a Catholic church for me. The building was massive and elaborate, everything covered in gold and silver. The choir was singing and they filled the space easily with their voices. In fact, we didn't even get to sing. All the hymns this morning were sung by them. This, according to the bulletin, "releases us from the need to form our own words and phrases." I hadn't realized that I needed to be released from this form of worship.

After the service I went to Petticoat Lane where the have an open air market that stretches over many blocks. Each entrance was heavily guarded by police and a loudspeaker blasted out warnings that all suspicious people be reported immediately - "don't be the next victim." Yesterday the Tube Station on the corner by the hotel was closed due to a bomb threat. This war stuff really sucks.