Dear Leslie,
Well, your 22 today and it was great talking to you. Happy birthday. Sorry about waking you up like that but I wanted to make sure you were home.

Saw "Phantom of the Opera" today. I wasn't terribly excited about it. It was impressive but didn't move me like the other productions we've seen here. Maybe I'm objecting to the fact that it was a musical - "Les Miserables" didn't do much for me either. I suspect it's more the production values of the performance, or rather, the over production. These massive shows remind me of Disneyland. They are perfect in every detail, but it doesn't resemble anything in real life. It's the drama that I've liked the best so far - "The crucible," "The Seagull," "Shape of the Table." I take much more from them. There's no need to separate substance from entertainment.