Dear Leslie,
Back in London and it's even more hectic than before. They put up signs in the Tube Stations warning passengers to report all unattended bags. There have been many bomb threats.

On the train back from Stratford this morning I listened to Bob Marley's greatest hits. It was really strange to hear his beautiful music as we sped through the gray English countryside. It was like watching a move with the wrong score.

Today I went to Herrods - the royal department store. It is massive and filled with the finest product from around the world. I saw a nice Italian silk tie that would go with my new suit but decided to pass on the L96 price tag!

Kev was grumpy this morning and slept most of the day. I think he's tired of being here. Can't blame him though; it's getting long.

Being away from you is really starting to eat away at me. I need you more than I thought I could, especially since tomorrow is your birthday. Again I wish you were here.

Just now an old green Karmen Ghia drove by. If we ever get one, I want the steering wheel to be on the right side. It looked way cool.