Dear Leslie,
Today is Saturday. For some reason, I got up early (no class today), had breakfast in the coffee house, and went to wander in the many used bookstores on Charring Cross Road by the Palace Theater. I saw many things I would like, but nothing I would be able to afford. I did see a six book set of Mark Twain's novels for only L13, but I don't think I've got room to carry the set home.

It's almost noon and Kev is still asleep. Naturally, I'm sitting in the pub with a half pint of sweet cider - it's too early for beer.

I wonder occasionally if I'm wasting my time here, skipping most of the tours and attractions. But then I remember what this term is all about, and I stick to the things I like. I certainly don't like being herded through the sites. I'm much more comfortable on my own.

Last night we saw "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller. It was incredible. I've never seen such a powerful drama before. I was absolutely compelled through the entire production. The story was new to me and terrifying: Salem Witch Trails and the hysteria that followed. The scene in the courtroom was frustrating. Everyone was accusing everyone else. What really infected me was the Miller wrote this during the 1950s when McCarthyism was running wild. The play is timeless.

After the performance, Prof. Korf took me aside and told me that a show like this is what the theater is about. To present a concept as massive and deep as this on the stage makes up for all the crap that is out there. I told him that I am learning much more than I had anticipated.