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Join me at the Heather Gold Show

11 Feb 2008

On Monday, 11 Feb 2008 (tonight!), I’ll be joining Heather Gold at her show in San Francisco. I’ve been to the show a couple times before, and it’s a blast - part standup comedy, part interview, part performance. Imagine the Leno show but people you might actually want to talk to.

The topic of the show is “My Needs / Your Needs.” We’ll be discussing what it means to serve someone else, and how you maintain your own identity when you’re in a situation like that. This is something that’s long been on my mind as a designer - how do I separate what I want from what our users want? Or, more accurately, how do I blend those things together?

Also on the show is my friend April Rinne, who specializes in microfinance in the developing world, and author Thea Hillman, who will be talking about sex parties. How’s that for interesting conversation fodder?

Details are here. Hope to see you there. ​

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