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Google Analytics updated

13 Jun 2007

Reading through the comments on my recent post about our redesign of Google Analytics, two things are pretty clear: For the most part, we did a pretty good job of making that powerful application more usable and accessible to a wider audience. And there were a handful of features from the previous version that didn’t make it into the new interface that were very important to a small but vocal group of users.

Being able to release new versions and updates is the beauty (and, perhaps, the curse) of working with web-based applications. Tweaking features and fixing bugs can and should be a constant and iterative part of the development process. The Analytics launch is a good case study - today they’ve released an update that addresses most of the gap between the old and new versions, including:

There is even more, which you can read about on this post to the Google Analytics Blog. Or have a look a the release notes.

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