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The Merlin Show

27 Feb 2007

Merlin Mann and Jeffrey Veen on The Merlin Show

Merlin Mann and I worked together at Adaptive Path a bunch of years ago. We had fun. Lots of fun. So much fun that sometimes we didn’t quite get enough work done. But that didn’t stop us from endlessly talking about our work and how we could do it better if we just had the perfect little app for our Macs and the appropriately-sized index cards held together with binder clips. Good times.

You probably know Merlin from 43Folders, but you should also know about his new video podcast called “The Merlin Show.”

Not too long ago, Merlin came over to the Google campus and we talked about work and about having fun. We also talked about why notebooks with graph paper rule and my ridiculously enormous hat size.

You can watch it here, or subscribe directly in iTunes. ​

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