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As easy as 1, 2, 3

11 Apr 2006

Back about two years ago, I got the opportunity to work with Blogger on a redesign. Our goal was to dramatically simplify the “first post scenario” – that is, how quickly can someone who has never even heard of blogging through a sign up process and writing something?

At one of our first meetings with the Blogger team, we agreed on a goal: 3 steps. We didn’t know what those steps would be, but we knew we wanted to boil the whole process down to something that sounded really easy. After about two months of intensive design and usability, we ended up with something that both accomplished our goal and resonated with a whole new audience of bloggers.

I bring this up again because of recent New York Times article, “Elderbloggers Stake Their Claim,” which looks at people taking up blogging later in life. This quote really made me smile:

While the 65-plus age range is notoriously tech-shy, many say that the blog-hosting companies make it simple to start and maintain one. Mr. Reichek said that when he went to Blogger.com — which is owned by Google — the site showed him how to set up a blog in easy steps. "I'm a technophobe," he said. "But 1, 2, 3 and suddenly, I've got a blog."

Now that’s satisfying user feedback… ​

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