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Shooting the kids

23 Feb 2006

I am a very proud uncle. I have two nephews who can do things on a GameCube that make me embarrassed to even admit I’m in the tech industry. And now, a beautiful and captivating 5-month-old niece. And with the Internets being what they are, I’ve stayed happily connected to their lives through the wonders of flickr and such.

Kids are likely the subject of most of the world’s photos, closely followed by sunsets and vacations. With so many adorable pix of smiling kids, it’s no wonder they all start to blur together after a while.

So my sister and her husband are using the gigs of pictures of their daughter to figure out just what makes for a good shot. They’ve started a new blog, “Shooting the kids,” aimed at helping parents take better photos of their children – from camera handling to Photoshop tips.

Got a favorite kid pic? Post a link in the comments… ​

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