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Wow! Fiji!

25 Sep 2005

A photo of the beach in Fiji

I took what felt like a four-day flight from the US to Australia this weekend. Somewhere over the vast Pacific, a flight attendant came on the PA to tell us that all lavatories were suddenly malfunctioning, and we shouldn’t use them, and it was really a good idea if we didn’t even look in just now. Beverage service would be understandably cut short, too.

Hmmm… I kinda had to go, and here we are a few hours from our destination and their wonderful flushable toilets. A slight worry set in.

About 10 minutes later, the captain came on to say that yes, indeed, the lavs were busted. But he had decided to put us down in Fiji for repairs.

Wow! Fiji! How exotic! How exciting!

As the plane descended, I looked out at the black sky, and then saw a few tiny lights below. We landed, taxied to a gate, and I watched as a not-very-exotic looking ground crew fix the problem. We all lined up, used the newly functional restrooms, and off we flew back into the night.

Wow! Fiji! ​

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