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Figuring out Ebay

10 Jul 2005

Out cycling with my friend Kirby, and he he’s on his brand new Colnago. What a gorgeous bike.

Kirby: Hey, so, I think I’ll sell my old bike – the Bianchi. You ever use Ebay??

Me: Yup, I sold my car to a guy in Hawaii that way.

Kirby: Ah, ok. But it’s complicated, right? Like, you’ve got to set everything up first, and I’m not a big techie guy like you.

Me: Remind me what it is you do for the Air Force these days?

Kirby: Fly giant airplanes around the world, refueling little air airplanes so they don’t have to land.

Me: Yeah, you’ll probably figure out Ebay. ​

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