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Continuing the conversation

18 Mar 2005

I had a minor epiphany during a panel discussion at SxSW this week. After a lively discussion with my fellow panelists, I started taking questions from the audience. I called on someone and got the question I get at literally every session I participate in: ““Hey, this was such a great conversation, it would be a shame to see it end with this conference. We should really find a forum or listserv to keep it going!”

I agree with the sentiment, of course. Why not keep like minds collaborating together after the physical event has ended. But the mechanism usually fails – they require everyone go and do something and remember to keep doing it. With rare exceptions, these well-intentioned communities just don’t take off.

So I said so, but offered an alternative. “Post your thoughts on your blog. Tag it ‘’ and we’ll find it and comment on our blogs.” It’s what Technorati founder Dave Sifry is always talking about – the conversation in the blogosphere.

I don’t know if participation would be any better if people did this. But I know I’m a lot more likely to post to my blog than to a less open community. I own my words here, and offer up no personal data to post them.

That said, I offer these links to the presentations from my panelists. Please link back. Continue the conversation:

Don Turnbull, University of Texas School of Information

Thomas Vander Wall, INDUS Corp.

Tantek Çelik, Technorati

Me, Adaptive Path

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