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How did you get your job?

03 Mar 2005

What did you go through to get the job you have today? Resume? Phone calls? A couple of interviews and some calls to your references? Maybe you did what I did – “That sounds like fun, Peter. We should totally start our own company.”

Or possibly you spent four years working your way through an enormous national institution, doing countless interviews, filling out dozens of forms, writing essay after essay. Then maybe you gave a presentation before a board made up of the leaders of that institution, then read a detailed statement describing your beliefs, followed by two hours of questions asking you to justify the very core of what you hold to be true? Did you support your answers with an interpretation of a 2,000 year-old document? In Ancient Greek?

I’ve always known the Presbyterian Church to be an intellectually rigorous organization. But I had no idea how rigorous until Leslie started through the ordination process to become a pastor. Have a look at what she’s going through, and leave a note of encouragement while you’re there. ​

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