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Fight for your right to photograph busses

14 Feb 2005

Considering the size and density of San Francisco, our public transit is, in a word, deplorable. Despite rising rates, the Muni system’s budget remains deeply in the red, and service continues to be sporadic at best. So it’s quite a surprise to find Muni worried more about enforcing a secret ban on photography than, say, how often the busses run.

But that’s what happened this weekend, when blogger and photographer Steve Malik found himself nearly arrested for trying to take a photograph on the Montgomery St. Muni Station.

Boing Boing has a good overview, as does SFist. And if you’re in the mood for protest, consider meeting other SFist readers at a camera-wielding protest in the Embarcadero Station this Saturday, Feb 19, at noon. Oh, and you might want to print this PDF of photographer’s legal rights. You never know…

Update: SFist Jackson digs deeper. ​

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