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Meetups for Macworld

06 Jan 2005

If you happen to be in San Francisco next week (be it for your annual pilgrimage to Mecca or not), there are a couple of good opportunities to go face-2-face with those like-minded.

First, the snappy kids over at Blogger have organized a lunch-time discussion of, um, you know, that stuff. According to one of the many, many Jasons that work there:

Let's meet at 12:30pm on Tuesday the 11th at the top of the South Hall stairs at Moscone Center. Everyone is welcome (you don't even need a Macworld pass).

More info here.

Then, as if that weren’t enough, Merlin is having an impeccably organized, type-A happy hour for readers of his 43-Folders blog. He says:

The first-ever 43 Folders Meetup is officially on for MacWorld ’05 here in San Francisco next week. Windows users welcome, too, of course!

And his info is here.

So much to do, and that doesn’t even include playing with the new 120-gig-video-iPod-with-Bluetooth-phone. Or whatever. ​

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