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My Whole Life in Happy Little Folders

19 Nov 2004

I think RSS and blogs and news aggregators had finally gotten the best of me. There were literally hundreds of subscriptions haunting me each day; a bright red counter showing unread posts creeping up into the thousands. As my partner Lane puts it, “I feel like I make things un-bold for a living now.” He’s referring to the unending accumulation of things that need to be changed from “new” to “read” – email, lists, blogs, comments … even new music and the junk on our Tivos.

So I switched off the preference to show unread things in the dock. Whew. Then I pruned aggressively. I created a simple classification system for the feeds I was left with, with nothing floating around outside, mostly because I cheated with a miscellaneous category – a digital junk drawer – the librarian’s bane.

But I don’t really care. Reading blogs is only partially about staying abreast of current events, be it Fallouja or validating XHTML. Sometimes, it’s just about looking for inspiration, being entertained, or simply wasting time. And that is exactly how I like to classify stuff.

Here’s what the folders contain:

update: Yes, I realize “peloton” is spelled wrong in the screenshot. I studied Español in school, so cut me some slack.

update 2: Since you asked, here’s a heavily-edited OPML file of the blogs I read. It can be imported to most every RSS aggregation software. If you view it in your browser, odds are it will be blank. Save as… ​

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