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Skip Always

03 Nov 2004

There’s a great post at HotelChatter about which hotels offer the best Wifi service in the industry. And while I’m trying desperately hard to just stay home these days, when I do travel I want the experience to be as absolutely hassle-free as possible. If one more hotel desk receptionist tells me, “Oh yes, your room has an internet connection, in fact, you can use the in-room phone for any kind of call” I will scream. Probably at them.

Anyway, turns out Kimptons is the best, and HotelChatter relates a great anecdote of an engineer being dispatched to a low-signal room with a Linksys bridge to boost it to full strength. Nice. My experiences at Kimptons have been equally impressive, and I clicked through the story to their Web site, only to find … a Flash-based splash page with thumping techno music. Sigh.

Button labeled 'Skip Always' Yet, next to the obligatory Skip Intro button is one labeled Skip Always, ostensibly triggering a cookie that allows perpetual direct access to the actual home page. It’s as if a sly interface designer is telling us, “Yeah, we hate useless pages like this too. But the CEO loves it. Sorry.” ​

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