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Super Sticky

20 Oct 2004

At the café, we’re reading the paper. I see something phenomenal.

Me: “Whoa….”

Friend: “What?”

Me:Super Stickies!”

Friend: “Um, what?”

Me: “Super stickies,” I exclaim. “They’re like regular sticky notes, but stickier. So you can stick them anywhere and they will stay. We use sticky notes all the time at work, and we’ll put a bunch of the wall, each with a separate idea, then move them around and group them and see what emerges. You know, like extracting knowledge from information. But if a sticky falls from the wall, it’s like the knowledge went back to being information. It’s regressive. It’s like we collectively forgot something. But now with stickier sticky notes, we can… What’s that?”

Friend: “The travel section.”

Me: “Huh?”

Friend: “Pick an island. You clearly need some time off.”

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