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Peter Hughes and the Five Tools

02 Oct 2004

Peter Hughes plays bass for the Mountain Goats, loves baseball, and grew up not far from where I did in Chino.

I met him backstage after a show at the Bottom of the Hill a while back, and we talked about our competing high schools, Highway 71, and a the general state of things back in the faceless suburbs. He wrote down a URL for me that night, but the site only had a few photo albums up. I visited today, and found a bunch of stuff, including a whole album to download. He includes this note:

Listen to these songs. Download ’em. P2P ’em. Burn ’em to a CD and play ’em really loud in your car with the windows down. And if you get tired of listening to crappy 128kbps mp3s, I’ll send you a CD-R for eight bucks postpaid.

Now that’s my kind of rock star. Go get ‘em, Peter. ​

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