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Close the streets, it's time to ride

13 Sep 2004

The Fourth Annual T-Mobile International bike race thundered through the streets of San Francisco this weekend. And we participated in our “Fourth Annual Get Up While It’s Still Dark And Camp Out At The Top Of Fillmore Hill” (or something like that). We got a fabulous spot, as you can see in Tim’s amazing photographs, even if we had to endure a typical San Francisco summer morning.

Lance Armstrong dropped out the day before the race, citing tendonitis in his knee, but one of my favorite riders, Viatcheslav Ekimov, was there riding hard for US Postal. At 39, it may have been his last race before retirement. But he has retired twice before, so who knows?

And, once again, I got myself on television. Though this time, I was caught cheating, as I gave someone a good strong push up the hill. Hey, it’s tradition. ​

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