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22 Jul 2004

Talking cycling with my friend from Portugal.

Portuguese Friend: so, what exactly is the team’s role? JV: protect and help the captain and give your guy every possible advantage PF: can they block other riders from passing? JV: no, they block the wind PF: ahhh JV: it saves up to 40% of lance’s effort, even up hill PF: so it’s not like rollerderby JV: there is a little of that. JV: like actively not blocking the wind for other guys or pulling guys away from the peloton and leaving them stranded. PF: so the portuguese guy is a windblocker? JV: yes JV: he’s also an astonishingly good climber. and responsible horse owner. PF: we are very proud of him back home. PF: but we will probably eat the horse anyway. ​

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