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A Bird in the Hand

30 Jun 2004

I’m back from my trip to Amsterdam physically but my head is up over Greenland still, desperately trying to catch up with me. A strange melatonin cocktail running through me for a few days is making everything just a little surreal.

For example, I slouched over to my favorite cafe yesterday and things were in disarray. A pigeon had flown in from the street and was panicking to get out. A woman was screaming because the bird was pecking at her laptop, and a man in a suit was attempting to hit the poor thing with a rolled up Wall Street Journal. In my haze, I stopped him, walked up to the computer, and slowly put my hand on the bird. It jumped a bit, then relaxed, then laid down in my hand. I carried it outside and it flew away. When I came back in, everyone cheered (except the guy in the suit), and I didn’t even have to pay for my coffee.

Surreal. ​

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