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IA in Amsterdam

21 Jun 2004

Just got into Amsterdam for the Adaptive Path workshop we’re having here this week. Looking over the attendee list is getting me excited – we’ll be hanging out with people from all over the world. There is even a few folks coming down from Groningen, a city two hours north by the German border. It’s where my family is from, and last time I was in Holland I spent the night in a little village not far from there. I was related to everyone, and spent a surreal day wandering around the Veen bakery, the Veen butcher shop, the Veen gas station.

But anyway, if you’re in Amsterdam this Tuesday, June 22, we’ll be hosting the IA Cocktail Hour. And if that sounds a little too geeky, how about you just come by De Balie Culteral Center around 6pm and we’ll buy you a drink? ​

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