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18 May 2004

Heading down I35 in a taxi on the way to Kansas City, approximately 90mph.

Cab Driver: So… What brings you here?

Me: Workshop.

CD: Porkchop?!?

Me: No, no. A workshop. I’m speaking at a conference tomorrow.

CD: [laughs] Oh ho ho. Man, I thought you said porkchop! Man, I love porkchops. Especially with some green beans and fresh biscuits. Know what I mean? Sometimes, my wife gets the real thick ones. Real thick. Oh man. She cooks those up and they’re so juicy and oh, man, it’s great. Oh man. Porkchops. Yeah, but I drive all the time. All the time. And I don’t make it home for dinner that often. But she puts it all in the fridge for me. Yup. Then I microwave those porkchops and oh, man, they’re still good. Thank the good Lord for microwaves, you know what I mean?

Me: Ummm…

CD: Yeah, I don’t even know how those suckers work, but they sure do work on porkchops. Oh man. And Banana Republic. You know?

Me: What?

CD: Banana Republic. The store. With the clothes. What kind of name is that for a store? I can think of two things wrong with the name of that store. Heh. Heh. Oh man. Yeah, I love porkchops. So, hey, what brings you out to Kansas City? ​

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