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WalMart Doesn't Trust You

22 Dec 2003

Speaking of music and the music industry, a number of sites are linking to the WalMart Music Download site’s End User License Agreement today. It’s quite a work of prose, and virtually eliminates any and all rights you – their customer – may have possibly ever had. Scroll down to paragraph five for this especially audacious bit:

All Products are sublicensed to you and not sold, notwithstanding the use of the terms “sell,” “purchase,” “order,” or “buy” on the Service or in this Agreement.

That’s right. If you choose to “buy” what they’re “selling” at WalMart, they’d like to to know that you’re actually “sublicensing.” That is, your 88 cents per track is merely a rental fee. One which they may revoke at any time.

Happy holiday shopping! ​

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