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Adam's Cab

03 Oct 2003

I don’t attempt to understand the city of Denver. Fine folks there, of course, but who thought an airport 60 miles from downtown was a good idea? And, as a second punch line to an already cruel joke, the city decided any form of public transportation would be a luxury. No train service anywhere, just $60 cab rides.

The hour trip into town did, however, give me the opportunity to strike up a conversation with Adam, the guy driving the cab. He had come from Ethiopia to San Diego a decade ago, then moved with his wife and two kids to Colorado to chase affordable housing. He gets up most mornings at 5am to lease a cab so he can get her to the airport, where she works, and his kids to school. Then he grabs fares until they’re done and he shuttles them to daycare, until he can later pick up his wife. Then more fares until 10 or 11pm.

I know, every cab driver has a story. But Adam is a man of his word. He asked me if I wanted a ride back to the airport after my presentation the next day. And at 3pm I walked out of the hotel and he was their waving and grinning. We stopped off at Starbucks and then sped off to DIA drinking coffee and talking about growing up – me in California, he in Africa.

So look, if you’re heading to Denver and want a pleasant ride to or from the Airport, call Adam. He’s at +1 (720) 319-2251 and he’ll be right over. ​

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