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Just ask for Jim

03 Sep 2003

Tonight, while getting some work done in a hotel, the “High Speed Broadband Immersive Connection to the Future of Productivity!!!” stopped working. I called down to the front desk and asked what was up with the net connection. They didn’t know, but had an 800 number that might. I dialed.

Some guy: Hello? Me: Um. Some guy: Hello? This is Jim. Who is this? Me: Um. So, I’m calling from a hotel and was told you might be able to help me with the connection to the Web? Jim: What hotel? Me: The Hudson. Jim: Hold on, lemme kick the router. Me:Jim: How’s that. Me: click Yup. Works now. Jim: Yeah, that’s what I thought. Why we don’t just buy some new Cisco boxes is beyond me. Anything else? Me: Um. No. Thanks Jim. Bye. ​

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