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28 Aug 2003

A whirlwind tour of the East Coast results in my being consumed by new ideas, worn out to the point of being sick, and miles behind in my cycling. We started two weeks ago with a knock-out Adaptive Path workshop in Washington DC. This was easily the most engaged, excited, and inspired group of people for whom we’ve presented. Many interesting themes emerged from the official sessions and after-hours discussions as well, including one of my favorites: quick wins, guerilla research, and end-runs around monolithic and lethargic IT departments. It’s something I’ll be writing about more, for sure. For those of you interested in the content we presented, you can download the whole lot of it at our Web site here and here. They’re yours for the taking, as long as you’re cool with our Creative Common license. And, I’d appreciate any comments you may have.

After DC, we jumped up to Manhattan for a couple days to see friends and remember why we love San Francisco so much. How anyone can bear NY in the summer is beyond me – temps in the 90s, humidity to match, everyone swearing at each other. But still, it’s New York. And to paraphrase commedian David Cross, only in New York can you see the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen and the most insane person you’ve ever seen every 10 seconds. Ev was there. He took pictures.

Then, vacation. Three days on Lake St. Catherine in Vermont and I remembered just how much I love to sail. Now, back to work. ​

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