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04 Jun 2003

Posting has been sporadic here, and will be so through June, I’m afraid. Let’s just call this a little summer vacation. San Francisco feels like the epicenter of the user experience community this week (and yes, I realize it’s unwise to make earthquake references about my home city). Our Adaptive Path Workshop Series is going on in the Commonwealth Club across the street from our offices. Tomorrow, the DUX 2003 conference kicks off next door at the Palace Hotel. And there are a couple of other meeting piggybacking on that, plus an open studio tour of local design shops. Lots of friends in town and lots of parties and lots of new ideas. On top of it all, Leslie and I are leaving this weekend for Milan, Italy, where I’ll be conducting another workshop, then joining friends for a week in Tuscany. I suspect that July will come, the Tour will start up, and I’ll wonder where the month went. Regardless, I’ll be scaling back the writing here, and taking some time off. Oh, and if you’re in San Francisco, by all means stop by our offices this afternoon. ​

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