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Make $$$$ Fast!

26 Mar 2003

It was no lie. Three years ago, you could get $10M in venture funding in an afternoon with a good idea and a 12-slide PowerPoint deck. So many people were talking about money, and chasing money, and making money, and loosing money. It was, without a doubt, absolutely insane.

I was fortunate to have the occasional peek behind the green curtain of San Hill Road. Andrew, the former president of HotWired, would often join me for lunch and talk about what had been happening in the industry. After Wired, he joined August Capital as a partner. We would talk about interesting stuff that was getting funded, and I would talk about user experience and who was doing it well.

I’m very happy to announce that I (and you, too!) can now get a daily dose of wisdom from the partners at August over at VentureBlog . It gets the entrepreneurial weels turning, it does.

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