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Back From the Desert

03 Jan 2003

We just spent the last week in the Mojave Desert, camping under the astonishingly bright stars of Joshua Tree and Death Valley national parks. Both are unfortunately on the short list of most tourists to California, much like Muir Woods or Yosemite. That meant campgrounds full of enormous RVs with grumbling generators and DirecTV dishes. Getting away from it all, I suppose. But solitude still exists, especially if you’ve got the slightest inclination for physical exertion. Each morning, Leslie would set off on a trail run, while I’d get on the bike and hit the fire roads. I rode miles and miles of dirt track, never seeing a soul, and tasting the subtle fear of enforced self-sufficiency. What if I split the chain? What if I run out of spare tubes? I’m 40 miles from the road, in a harsh environment – that’s a long walk. Well, we’re home - safely - and recharged. ​

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