Day Two: Loreto
We paid way too much at "Breakfast at Tiffany's" this morning for coffee and rock-hard cinnamon rolls. After, we stomped around the town and saw what there was to see: burned out soccer field, baseball diamond, cemetery. Everything was dirt except for the water treatment plant which was surrounded by the only green grass we saw in Mexico.

We bought bread and cheese for lunch then found a spot on the beach for the afternoon. Tourists raced back and forth across the bay on WaveRunners, their motors whining and popping over the water. I thought how unfair it was for the enjoyment of so few to cause the annoyance of so many.

les_beach picture

We met Rhea again, walking down the street with her umbrella shading the sun. She told us a story about how her dog has epileptic seizures and she realized that she was an adult now because someone depended on her entirely. She smiled and waved and went off to catch the bus to Mulegé.