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24 April 2006

The TeachTown blog

Some friends of mine in Seattle are making therapy for people with autism more accessible and affordable by developing computer-assisted treatment options. Their company, TeachTown, has just started a blog to discuss news and research related to autism. Check it out; it's run by Dr. Chris Whalen, a TeachTown founder. They do good work.

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12 April 2006

Dim lights

During a cab ride across town the other day, my cab driver told me the city had dimmed the traffic lights the night before. He said the stop signals weren't their usual red -- they were orange.

Weird. I'd never heard of that. I asked him why on earth the city would do such a thing.

"Well," he said, "I think they're trying to make up for the fact that they don't have enough police out on the streets."


Oh, wait: does it cause people to pay a little closer attention while driving or something like that? Sure, the idea seemed far-fetched, but it's all that came to mind at the time.

"No, no" my driver explained," actually, it makes people sleepy."



That's when I realized I was engaged in one incredibly interesting conversation.

He reiterated: "Yep, they don't have enough cops out here, so they dim the lights to make us tired, keep us in line."

And yes, at this point, maybe part of me thought I should say something along the lines of "Oh, you know what? Actually, I want to get out here. Yeah, right here. Here's my stop! Thanks!"

But I didn't.

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4 April 2006


Well, it looks like my dorkiness has finally been recognized as the badge of honor it really is. A while back, Alaina Browne documented it with a ridiculously silly photo of my brother and me -- and now it has inspired a Mule t-shirt. Read more about it from Off the Hoof, and then demonstrate your allegiance to dorkiness -- by consuming, of course! Go buy a t-shirt!

Posted by Greg at 02:39 PM
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