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17 May 2005

A Musical Baton

Jeff should know better than to get me tangled up in a blog post chain, since he and I are working on a super secret project -- on which I should be making progress, instead of writing about the music I listen to! Ah, but such things bring perspective to minds cracked-out on code. And for that I thank him.

So here we go:

Total volume of music on my computer: 30.06GB

Last CD I bought: 5 Songs, The Decemberists

Song that's on right now: "Robot", Futureheads

Five songs that I listen to a lot:
"Pioneers", Bloc Party
"Brand New Colony", The Postal Service
"Lurgee", Radiohead
"Neighborhood #2 (Laika)", The Arcade Fire
"No Joy in Mudville", Death Cab for Cutie

Five people I'm now tagging "it":
Dana Robinson
Jackson Ver Steeg
Lane Becker
Leonard Lin
Omar Lee

Posted by Greg at 12:56 PM
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5 May 2005

Johnny Greenwood, duplicate

Is it just me, or does Russell Lissack, guitarist for Bloc Party, bear a striking resemblance to Radiohead's evil-genius-mad-scientist guitarist/noisist Johnny Greenwood? Here's Greenwood on the left, Lissack on the right:

johnny greenwood russell lissack

I don't have video to point to, but, wow, Lissack even moves like Greenwood.

They're both great guitarists as well, of course.

Posted by Greg at 01:20 PM
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