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10 February 2005

Come as you are

I hear my upstairs neighbor perform Nirvana's "Come As You Are" on a cello about once a month.

I love living in the city.

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2 February 2005

Beck's forthcoming album

I don't claim to have an exclusive on this by a long shot, but I recently got my hands on a leaked copy of Beck's forthcoming album, which is reportedly scheduled to be released officially on March 29 -- but may now be released earlier to minimize the damage of an internet leak.

I'm telling you: get a copy of this, and then give it a chance or two or three. I don't know if it's just a weird mood I'm in these days, but I'm really, really liking this album the more I listen to it. It's classic Beck plus, well, I don't know what. It sounds new and familiar at the same time.

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1 February 2005

The Golden Gate

I recently rode my bicycle across the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time in a while. (I've been busy; I've been preoccupied.) Amazingly, I had almost forgotten how stunningly beautiful some of the views offered by that experience can be. Wow! You really have to just go try it out for yourself, even if it has to be on one of those Fisherman's Warf rental bikes. Go on a sunny afternoon (make sure it's sunny there, too), and you will not regret it.

Posted by Greg at 09:52 PM
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