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26 July 2004

All hail the iPhone?

Will Apple make cell phones? Mike Davidson goes on record saying it'll happen in 2005. Fascinating.

Posted by Greg at 11:43 AM
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20 July 2004

Welcome to Portland, sponsored by...

Shortly after boarding one of Portland, Oregon's streetcars during a visit there last weekend, I heard what seemed at first to be a run-of-the-mill automated system announcement, made by one of those computerized voices that are becoming eerily hard to distinguish from human ones: "Next stop, Taylor Street."

But after a short pause, the voice added: "Sponsored by Whole Foods of Portland."

What? The streetcar stops are sponsored -- in Portland?

And it's not just the streetcar stops, I learned a minute later when the voice resumed, this time with out even a pretense of giving me important information about an upcoming stop: "This streetcar sponsored by Hoyt Street Realty."

I guess it's not hugely different than the print ads on the sides of busses common in many cities, but this certainly turns it up a notch.

Posted by Greg at 10:44 AM
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15 July 2004

Why vote for Ralph Nader?

In today's Examiner, Matt Gonzalez explains why he thinks voting for Ralph Nader is the right thing to do.

Posted by Greg at 04:11 PM
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12 July 2004

One must put up barriers to keep oneself intact

As nerdy as it is, I hereby proudly announce that I enjoyed the heck out of the Rush show I went to in Concord on Saturday night.

I used to be more of an actual fan than I am now. Yet even though a lot of the evening's fun was, how do you say, sociological in nature (look, that middle-aged dude in the lawn seats is totally air drumming!), I have to admit that Rush rocked.

Merlin Mann seemed to enjoy it too.

Posted by Greg at 01:14 PM
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8 July 2004

Bloglines launches redesign and new "Clip Blogs" feature

Bloglines earlier this week launched a new "Clip Blogs" feature, which allows users to instantly publish their own comments on the blogs they read at the site. An improvement on an already great product!

Posted by Greg at 10:40 AM
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