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20 August 2003

37.7709198 X -122.4318008

Summer 2003 has arrived in my dear neighborhood, the Lower Haight of San Francisco: a fleet of art cars, Burning Man bound, has come out of the woodwork, joyously circling the newly installed (and hotly debated) traffic calming roundabouts.

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12 August 2003

Manufacturing consent

Why? Why this? Our students should be reading things like Lawrence Lessig's The Future of Ideas: The Fate of The Commons in a Connected World. Instead, they're being brainwashed by the RIAA.

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6 August 2003



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Update: this photo, taken on March 21, 2003 in San Francisco, shows where countless anti-war demonstrators were detained by the SFPD in the days following the start of the US invasion of Iraq. The legal aftermath of SFPD's overreaction to the overwhelmingly peaceful protests continues to play itself out.

Posted by Greg at 07:26 PM

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