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29 March 2003


transport. motorways & tramlines. starting and then stopping. taking off & landing.

-- radiohead, "let down"

Posted by Greg at 12:50 PM

26 March 2003

Does not respond

It does not respond. It doesn't respond. It does not respond.

It does not respond. IT DOES NOT RESPOND.

Posted by Greg at 03:29 PM
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24 March 2003

Blame it on the aliens!

I think my friend Eric has the answer: "i blame it on the aliens! look at the crazy morse code signals they projected onto my wall this morning! nice try, greenies!"

Posted by Greg at 11:52 PM

20 March 2003

No "life as usual" in San Francisco

Market Street, downtown San Francisco.

Posted by Greg at 03:56 PM

20 March 2003

Creative rampage

From sfgate today, on the anti-war protests and street blockages in San Francisco this morning:

"At 7:15 a.m., a band of six young men wearing orange vests and hard hats stolen from a construction crew furtively dashed onto the Eighth Street off-ramp from Highway 101, put down orange cones, flares and men-at-work signs, then ran off.

The whole operation took 90 seconds, then they ran off on Eighth Street dialing their cell phones as they went.

"It's done. We've screwed them good," one of them said into his phone. Traffic immediately snarled at the corner, with only one lane heading south on Eighth open and the main lane heading downtown blocked by the cones.

Posted by Greg at 12:00 PM

19 March 2003

Who are we?

What is going on here?

Posted by Greg at 12:16 PM

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