Greg Veen

7 January 2007

We're in it

While riding a packed bus the other day, I heard something drop to the floor -- something small, like a coin maybe. I looked down, and sure enough: there, among passengers' feet, I saw a coin spinning to rest. But it was a big coin. And it was purple.

I was standing at the time, but the man sitting in front of me reached down and grabbed the coin. Then he looked up at me and, from a mouth subtly outlined with almost gelatinous saliva, said what turned out to be the most entertaining thing I'd heard all day:

"It's my lucky travel coin," he epxlained. He paused for a second or two before continuing. "I'm having trouble recovering the disk drive because, well, you know, we're like in it."

I couldn't really disagree. As I nodded back he added, "So, you know, I don't really want to reformat it or reboot."

So very true.

Posted by Greg at 04:04 PM.

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