Greg Veen

27 August 2004

Soaring instrumental postludes in recent indie rock

I'm (possibly) just beginning to emerge from a period of deep infatuation with the music of the Killers, the Stills, Franz Ferdinand, and Interpol. What got me hooked is that to varying degrees, these bands are expert at building instrumental texture into their songs -- a kind of sedimented layering that manages to be minimal and rich at the same time. Cases in point: the fantastic endings (postludes, really) of songs like Interpol's "PDA" (from 3:09 to the end) and The Stills' "Ready For It" (from 3:01 to the end). Each of these songs charges towards a deconstruction point, where its layers are suddenly stripped away. What gets left behind is a minimal trace that is then rebuilt, layer by layer, to a grand, soaring conclusion. Absolutely fantastic!

Posted by Greg at 04:05 PM.

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