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Sophie and the Beast

Today, as we were acting out Beauty and the Beast, one of Sophia’s favorite pastimes, I was cast as Papa and she was Belle. She asked me — Papa — about my invention and I told her I would be taking it tomorrow to the fair. She replied, “Yes, you will go to the forest […]

3 Months

Happy 3 month birthday, little guy!

This week you turned 3 months old and I am still truly amazed by it all. You’d think a “seasoned” mom like myself wouldn’t find as much wonder in this stuff the second time around, but that is so not the case. I think I’m even more aware of these […]

Morning Snuggling

There is just so much cute going on these days. Every morning, Sophia wants to snuggle with her baby brother. And, of course, Ian doesn’t mind at all seeing as Sophia is his favorite person in the whole world. Really. Even though I’ve got this massively sore back from all the weird leaning and funky […]

May the force be with me - I’m gonna need it

I admit that I have whined a little here and there about Sophia’s princess obsession. She’s supposed to be above Disney’s attempts to teach her how a prince galloping onto the scene will ensure her “happily ever after” ending, right? OK, OK, if she wants to go all princesses and Disney, that’s fine. But I […]

The Final Countdown

I’m getting really close to the end. I had one final ultrasound yesterday (to make it a whopping six total! What’s up with that?) and, no surprise from the 9 pound bundle I brought home last time, this little one is measuring not-so-little. He’s likely to show up at anytime — that’s what my body’s […]

Down for the count

We have had quite an eventful couple weeks around here. Sophia caught this insane bug going around her daycare that led to all manner of ear/eye infections, horrible-sounding coughing and then, inevitably, respiratory junk.
Chris and I were away all last weekend at a wedding (that he officiated!), and by the time we got back, Sophia’s […]

Little brother on the way

It’s a boy! (In case I hadn’t mentioned that yet.)
We were going to be surprised this time around. We found out the sex with Sophia, but this time we thought it might be fun to wait till the baby arrived. Well, that’s all fine. But big sister thought she was getting a little sister. And […]

The belly. It grows.

I’ve not been super great about keeping the internets abreast of this most recent of pregnancies in our household. One reason is because, well, who has time to remember all the intricacies of each exciting and foreign kick, each bout of horrible heartburn, each stolen moment in the day to quickly reflect on how much […]