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We had a pretty great weekend celebrating this guy, the most caring, engaged, loving and active father I could have hoped for for my kids.

Christmas flash back

We had a fabulous Christmas this year. And even though I’m sure you’ve all moved on already to all things 2008, I’ve decided it’s still a relevant topic since we just took down our Christmas tree today. So, in mourning for packing away the stockings and tinsel until next time, I thought I’d share with […]

Merry elfin’ Christmas!

Merry Christmas, from our little elf family! OK, sorry but I couldn’t resist the Christmas cheese-fest. This was too funny to pass up. Click here to watch it for yourself.
Also, my sweet, innocent Sophia somehow ended up as the sexy elf. Don’t know quite how I feel about that. Regardless, I hope you all are […]


Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to my husband, who is a fabulous daddy to a little girl who loves him a lot.
And, of course, a Happy Father’s Day to my own dad (and happy birthday and happy anniversary)! Hope it is a restful and happy day for you both.
The above photos and mosaic by me. […]

A Happy Mother’s Day

We had a packed Mother’s Day weekend full of breakfasts for mommy, afternoon teas for Grandma and lunches for Grammy. And although it was busy and we fit a lot in, there were still plenty of moments throughout the weekend when I was reminded that being mom to Sophia pretty much rocks. The job […]

19 months and counting…

Happy 19 month birthday, Sophia!
This weekend you turned 19 months old and it practically flew by us in a whirlwind of Easter activity. You’ve been so excited about eggs and candy and baskets, you hardly knew what to do with yourself. Watching you experience each new holiday and milestone keeps getting more and […]

Sometimes you just gotta dance!

Big plans for Valentine’s Day yesterday, you ask? Chris forgot that he had committed to helping out a friend last night with his youth group. Since he had set it up weeks ago, he totally forgot about the fact that it landed on Valentine’s Day, the one night a year when husbands are actually required […]

Snow musings

Three things I’ve learned about the snow from spending a winter weekend in the mountains:

1. Don’t try to kick random snowballs on the ground to see how far they’ll go. Chances are, if they’re on the ground in snowball form, they’re most likely frozen solid and have fused themselves to the ground. Yeah, ouch.
2. Driving […]