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Kissy McSlobberface

You can tell lately that Sophia is trying to stock pile hugs and kisses and quiet reading moments and loud playful moments with Chris and me (and the dog!) — storing them up for a time when mom and dad are a little more busy with a new baby. It’s almost like she’s onto the […]

Holy crap (literally), there’s a naked baby on the run!

Yesterday was a day of parenting for me that will live in infamy.
The husband had plans to see an early evening movie with some friends, so I was alone on dinner and bathtime duty with Sophia last night. No problem — just a bath, some jammies and a couple stories. How hard can that be, […]

Dog food breath

What’s the one thing I hate smelling more than my dog’s dog food breath, you ask? My daughter’s dog food breath!
We’re up at Chris’ mom’s cabin in the mountains for the weekend to recuperate after a really long week for both of us. Little did we know that it was going to be 7 degrees […]

Move over Friendster

If you weren’t running out of time trying to keep up with your Friendster and Tickle accounts, or all your buddy lists on MSN, AIM and Yahoo, now you have to do it for your dog, too!
Of course, in the 21st century, my dog Sarah would have to be as tech savvy as the […]

A refreshing breath

I think in the midst of the craziness that defines this time of year, I had almost forgotten to enjoy the coming of spring (even though, in all honesty, it’s pretty much here already). For some reason, every year March tends to be the busiest month for me. It just flies by and is always […]

I Heart You.

Show the love in a way Hallmark just can’t. Download some of these Valentine’s and spread the love around. Your significant other will dig you once and for all. If not, send the mean ones next year.

Pretty, Pretty Princess

I have a dog named Sarah who is about as high-maintenence as any animal could come. Don’t get me wrong, she is hilarious and adorable. But yes, quite a princess, too. (Which is why my husband and I laugh that she is called Sarah, a name that actually means princess. She came to us a […]