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2009: Year in Review

Yes, I know. We are already well into 2010 and I’m still reflecting back on last year. But really, I find that this time of year — the whole end of December and most of January — puts me in a very contemplative and reflexive mood. And this year it has taken me a little […]

2008: Year in Review

This list of questions has been going around the web for a few years. And each year that I’ve see the list, I have wanted to sit down and fill in my answers. But alas, life, you know. But this year life is crazier than ever, which instead of making me run screaming from my […]

Happy Things

Today I am happy for many reasons. After a very busy week, I am at home on a lazy Saturday with nothing planned. I’m short on words today, but since starting my 2008 Picture a Day project, what I do have is lots of photos to sum up exactly what’s making me smile today:
Good friends:

Good […]

Being delighted

Well we’re officially into January and well into 2008, and I’ve had some time to really be contemplative about where I’m at right now, where I was in 2007, and how life is going to change in the coming year. I mean, whoa–we’re adding a whole new member to our family this year!
It’s true that […]

So many crayons, so little time

The talented Kate Rosenthal of Stubby Pencil Studio fame is still at it, creating adorable, ‘do-it-themselves’ stationary for children.
You might remember back in March when I first started raving about the creative note cards from the Stubby Pencil Studio line Color n’ Kids. They are the perfect solution for this working mom who wants […]