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2 Years

Wow, 2 years old already. Happy birthday, sweet guy!

This month you turned TWO and have suddenly grown in my eyes from a baby into an energetic little kid.  So much has changed about you in such a short amount of time. From walking to running to talking to singing, your second year of life was full […]

One Year

Happy one year birthday, baby boy! I can’t believe that it’s already here. Last week you turned the big ONE and we all couldn’t be happier or more proud.

It has taken me over a week to write this to you because you keep me running all day long! You are one busy little guy. We […]

6 Months

Six months is definitely a good age. Six months is sitting up and enjoying the new view. It’s eating yummy foods - rice cereal, oatmeal, pureed green beans, peas, squash and carrots so far. Six months is smiling at and flirting with anyone and everyone, laughing at your sister constantly, clinging to mama for more […]

3 Months

Happy 3 month birthday, little guy!

This week you turned 3 months old and I am still truly amazed by it all. You’d think a “seasoned” mom like myself wouldn’t find as much wonder in this stuff the second time around, but that is so not the case. I think I’m even more aware of these […]

Morning Snuggling

There is just so much cute going on these days. Every morning, Sophia wants to snuggle with her baby brother. And, of course, Ian doesn’t mind at all seeing as Sophia is his favorite person in the whole world. Really. Even though I’ve got this massively sore back from all the weird leaning and funky […]

One month . . .

Happy one month birthday, little man!

I can’t believe we’ve reached this milestone so quickly. The time with you has flown by. I think that’s mostly because your big sister is keeping me so busy making sure she doesn’t suffocate you with her love. It’s a round-the-clock job, this anti-smother duty she has me on.

Don’t get […]

Welcome, son!

He’s here! My little baby boy is finally here. Ian Christopher made his appearance last week on May 6th — all 10 lbs., 8 oz. of him — and I am realizing life will never be the same. It’s crazy and perfect and wonderful and noisy chaos with two kids. And I love it!

Ian is […]

The Final Countdown

I’m getting really close to the end. I had one final ultrasound yesterday (to make it a whopping six total! What’s up with that?) and, no surprise from the 9 pound bundle I brought home last time, this little one is measuring not-so-little. He’s likely to show up at anytime — that’s what my body’s […]