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3 years, round 2

Happy birthday, sweet guy!

You recently turned 3 years old, and I can’t actually believe how almost instantly you have grown into a young boy. Last year, there was still so much baby in you. Chubby cheeks and babbling, non-sensical sentences. Now you are tall and thin (besides, much to mama’s relief, that adorable pot belly […]

5 years

Happy 5th birthday, sweet girl! Wow, I can’t believe the day you have looked forward to for so long has arrived. Last week you celebrated 5 years — the age in your mind that officially moved you into the “big kids” club. And the age in your mama’s mind that officially moved you farther away […]

2 Years

Wow, 2 years old already. Happy birthday, sweet guy!

This month you turned TWO and have suddenly grown in my eyes from a baby into an energetic little kid.  So much has changed about you in such a short amount of time. From walking to running to talking to singing, your second year of life was full […]

2009: Year in Review

Yes, I know. We are already well into 2010 and I’m still reflecting back on last year. But really, I find that this time of year — the whole end of December and most of January — puts me in a very contemplative and reflexive mood. And this year it has taken me a little […]

4 Years

Wow, Sophia. Four years old now and such a big kid.
Last week you turned 4 and we celebrated to the nines. Family barbecues and dinner in your favorite restaurant, lots of cupcakes and princess dress-up tea parties with your friends. It was quite a celebration for quite an amazing kid. In fact, you’re still celebrating, […]

One Year

Happy one year birthday, baby boy! I can’t believe that it’s already here. Last week you turned the big ONE and we all couldn’t be happier or more proud.

It has taken me over a week to write this to you because you keep me running all day long! You are one busy little guy. We […]

Sophie and the Beast

Today, as we were acting out Beauty and the Beast, one of Sophia’s favorite pastimes, I was cast as Papa and she was Belle. She asked me — Papa — about my invention and I told her I would be taking it tomorrow to the fair. She replied, “Yes, you will go to the forest […]

2008: Year in Review

This list of questions has been going around the web for a few years. And each year that I’ve see the list, I have wanted to sit down and fill in my answers. But alas, life, you know. But this year life is crazier than ever, which instead of making me run screaming from my […]